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XLoBorg - Three Axis Accelerometer and Magnetometer

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Measure movement such as bumps and shocks and determine direction from your Raspberry Pi with the XLoBorg add on board.

Simply plug it on to the GPIO header of your Raspberry Pi, run the software, and start sensing movement and direction!

Features a 3 Axis Accelerometer and 3 Axis Magnetometer.

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XLoBorg - Overview XLoBorg - Overview Oct 17, 2017 Measure movement such as bumps and shocks and determine direction from your Raspberry Pi with the XLoBorg add on board by PiBorg. Features a 3 Axis Acceleromete..
XLoBorg - Getting Started XLoBorg - Getting Started Oct 17, 2017 Main examples Please note that this installation expects you to be connected to the internet, it will download i2c-tools and python-smbus for using the I&sup..
XLoBorg - Specification XLoBorg - Specification Oct 17, 2017 XLoBorg - Accelerometer and Magnetometer (which can provide compass functionality) board for your Raspberry Pi Accelerometer - Freescale MMA8452Q 3-Axis, 12-..
XLoBorg - Examples XLoBorg - Examples Oct 17, 2017 Main Examples Download instructions here. There are some example scripts using the XLoBorg library, provided both as a guide and an easy way to access the X..
XLoBorg - Troubleshooting XLoBorg - Troubleshooting Oct 17, 2017 Installation issues Permission denied, file not found, 404 or similar: There are a few possible causes of this: Out of disk space: We have occa..
GraphXLo GraphXLo Oct 18, 2017 So you have just gotten your hands on an XLoBorg, but you want to know what sort of data you can expect to see when using it, how can you tell? Maybe a picture..
XLoDrum XLoDrum Oct 18, 2017 Want to do something fun with your Raspberry Pi? Why not use an XLoBorg to turn it into a drum kit! XLoDrum takes the data from an XLoBorg and uses X, Y, ..
XLoLevel XLoLevel Oct 18, 2017 We were placing shelves in the office today and decided the trusty spirit level was a bit old fashioned, why not use a Raspberry Pi and XLoBorg instead. ..

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