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UltraBorg - Add Ultrasonic and Servo Ports to your Pi

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UltraBorg is a great way to get servos and ultrasonics connected to your Raspberry Pi without the hassle of complicated code and wiring.  Just plug in servos and sensors and you're ready to go :)

You can even control your servos and read distances straight from your phone or PC using our Web UI.

See the full selection of UltraBorg kits here

Servo Control:

  • 4x Precision 16 bit PWM ouptuts
  • Controls up to 4 Servos simultaneously
  • Allows saving in EEPROM of power up, max, and min limit positions

Ultrasonic Interfaces:

  • Interfaces with up to 4x HC-SR04 ultrasonic modules
  • Read all 4 simultaneously
  • Controlled by microprocessor so software timing not required

Features external 5V connector to separately power Servo/USM and Pi. Can be linked for sharing power with Pi*. Supports optional BattBorg to power Raspberry Pi from battery source.

This version Includes

*Please note if you are using servos, it is recommended to power the UltraBorg separately.

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