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Formula Pi Entry (Summer 2018)
Entry to the world's first Raspberry Pi based racing series Formula Pi. Race in the Summer 2018 Series starting in June 2018! Along with your entry to the race series, you will receive in the post a Yeti-Lid to decorate and return to us so..
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DiddyBorg v2 Robot Kit - Purple
Our most popular Raspberry Pi robot kit DiddyBorg is back with faster motors and a newly designed chassis! The idea remains the same, a 6 wheeled high-torque robotics platform, but give everyone the ability to add lots of extra functionality and g..
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MonsterBorg - The Ultimate Raspberry Pi Robot
Our latest Kickstarter success has finally arrived in our store! The MonsterBorg is a beast of a kit designed to be taken off road or driven autonomously, it's also our primary racing robot for Formula Pi.     The MonsterBo..
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YetiBorg v2 - Blue
YetiBorg v2 is a great kit to get started with Raspberry Pi robotics. The YetiBorg v2 kit can be assembled into two different configurations so you can customise the robot to do what you want it to. Low profile If you are looking to build a ..
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Socket Driver 5.5mm
Socket drivers are useful for tightening up nuts and bolts on your robots. Perfect for tightening motor mounts on YetiBorg v2 and DiddyBorg v2. ..
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