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YetiBorg v2 - 4WD Robot Kit (Includes Raspberry Pi Zero)
YetiBorg v2 is a great kit to get started with Raspberry Pi robotics! It's based on the Raspberry Pi Zero, ZeroBorg Motor Controller and PiBorg P25UK12 motors (12V 100RPM), making it super compact but wickedly powerful! You won'..
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Nano USB to Bluetooth Dongle V2.0
Tested for compatibility with the Raspberry Pi, our nano bluetooth USB Dongle v2.0 is compatible with both newer V2.0 (up to 3.0 Mbps) and the old specification V1.2 Bluethooth devices. This nano bluetooth dongle can be used to get your Pi interactin..
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Wheel Pair in Blue (65mm x 25mm)
A pair of blue wheels for your robots! They have a 12mm hex connector, which is designed to be used with our brass hubs & motors! These wheels are 65mm diameter and 25mm wide, and were used on the original DiddyBorg v1 Robots fr..
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