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5V DC/DC Regulator
This is an OKI-78SR-5/1.5-W36H-C DC/DC regulator! They're highly efficient ~90%, and provide 5V @ 1.5A (7.5W) from a 7V to 36V input. Ideal for use with BattBorg, ZeroBorg, ThunderBorg or any projects in need of a good regulator.&nbs..
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PicoBorg - Quad Motor Controller
The PicoBorg is an ultra compact motor controller for the Raspberry Pi! With PicoBorg, you can turn on and off fans, motors, solenoids or relays from your Raspberry Pi. There are 4 low side drivers, so you can turn on and off 4 devices, and one de..
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PicoBorg Reverse - Dual 5A Motor Controller
The PicoBorg Reverse is an advanced, bi-directional (forward and reverse), dual motor control board for use with the Raspberry Pi. The PicoBorg Reverse is designed to control two BIG (or small) motors up to 5A each! Great for bigger-than-your-av..
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Hobbywing 5V 3A UBEC Step-Down Converter
UBEC's (Universal Battery Eliminator Circuit's) are simply DC to DC step down voltage regulators! This UBEC is perfect for the Raspberry Pi, as it's able to take high voltages (5.5V up to 26V), and outputs a consistent safe volt..
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