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YetiBorg v2 - 4WD Robot Kit (Includes Raspberry Pi Zero)

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YetiBorg v2 is a great kit to get started with Raspberry Pi robotics! It's based on the Raspberry Pi ZeroZeroBorg Motor Controller and PiBorg P25UK12 motors (12V 100RPM), making it super compact but wickedly powerful! You won't find any of "those yellow motors" near PiBorg products!

The ZeroBorg enables independent control of each motor, which means Yeti is fully 4WD, and PiBorg examples including joystick control via IR, motion following with the Raspberry Pi camera (not included), control via web/mobile and more, will get you up and running in no time!

Whether you're using Yeti to grab drinks from the fridge, follow your dog around, or a fully fledged educational robotics platform, it won't let you down.

The YetiBorg v2 kit includes:

  • 4 x Independently Controllable 12V 100RPM Motors (P25UK12)
  • 4 x White Racing Wheels
  • 1 x Raspberry Pi Zero with Pre-Soldered Header
  • 1 x ZeroBorg Complete Motor Controller with IR Sensor, 5V Regulator & 9V Battery Clip
  • 4 x Brass Hubs and Brackets
  • Laser Cut Acrylic Body
  • Wire & Mounting Hardware

The YetiBorg is a self assembly kit, which requires some simple soldering to get started. A Raspberry Pi Zero with pre-soldered header is included (as of 26/01/2018), you just need to add a MicroSD card & batteries! YetiBorg v2 optionally supports the Raspberry Pi camera (not included) for projects such as motion following.

The YetiBorg kit can be assembled into two different configurations so you can customise the robot to do what you want it to:

  • Low profile: If you are looking to build a speedy racer then the low profile build is for you.  The low profile build is the most compact and has the ability to flip over and drive upside-down, just like the original YetiBorg it is based on.  The camera is positioned low to the floor to improve autonomous driving and the Pi Zero is safely housed in the center of the robot.
  • Off-road: If you want to drive on rough ground then you want the off-road build.  This version has much higher ground clearance and keeps the electronics up high away from any mud and puddles.  The camera is also positioned higher so you can see over rocks and lumps.

YetiBorg v2 Features:

  • Full 4WD Robot
  • Designed for use with the Pi Zero & Zero W
  • Powerful 12V 100 RPM Motors
  • ZeroBorg Quad Motor Controller
  • 5V DC/DC Regulators Powers both Raspberry Pi Zero & Motors
  • Infrared Sensor for Joystick Control (Joystick Not Included)
  • Power using 9V PP3 Battery (Not Included)
  • Dual Assembly Options (Low Profile or Offroad)

Click here, or on the "Related Articles" tab below for getting started guides, build instructions, code examples and more.

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