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DiddyBorg v2 Multifunction Top Kit

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Want to add more sensors or an extra tier to your DiddyBorg v2?  Our Multifunction Top Kit allows you to extend your robot to do even more :)

With the Multfunction Top Kit fitted DiddyBorg v2 can now:

  • Attach two servos to the top plate, great for robot arms
  • Mount a second Raspberry Pi (Zero or 3) for extra processing power
  • Mount an Arduino Uno (or similar) to tackle sensor processing tasks
  • Fit more sensors and hardware using extra holes

This kit comes with additional posts so that the Multifunction Top can be fitted as an extra tier above or below the display top.  Alternatively you can keep the low profile and simply replace the standard Display Top instead.

The kit consists of:

  • 1x Multifunction Top plate
  • 2x Servo mounting plates
  • 8x M3x40 posts
  • 4x M3x12 screws
  • 4x M3 Nyloc nuts

Works great with our Sensor Mount Kit to further extend the mounting posibilites for DiddyBorg v2 with ultrasonics and a second camera.

Click here, or on the "Related Articles" tab for getting started guides, build instructions, code examples and more.

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