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Battery Holder (4 x AA)

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Our favourite way to power our robots is using AA batteries. They're readily available and pose a lower risk of fire compared to Lithium based batteries, especially when learning about robotics.

To secure your batteries you need a good holder, and we have sizes from 2AA to 10AA to provide the right power for your projects.

This 4x AA holder is good for 4.8 V with rechargeables or 6 V with alkalines.

Each holder comes with a PP3 style connector (the same as on a 9V battery).

To use this holder you will probably need a 9v (PP3) style connection cable, which is not included. If you are going to draw a large amount of current, for example powering motors, we recommend using the 9V High Quality Connector.


  • Battery Cell Size: AA
  • Number of Cells: 4
  • Body Material Polypropylene Resin
  • 110mm x 30mm x 15mm
  • PP3 Clip Connector
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