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ZeroBorg Basic - Quad Motor Controller

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The ZeroBorg is our add on board for controlling motors using the Raspberry Pi Zero. It's small size means it fits neatly below a Raspberry Pi Zero and opens up endless possibilities for tiny robot designs.

The ZeroBorg can control 4 motors independently and via I2C you can keep adding ZeroBorgs (and our other compatible I2C boards) to control additional motors.

You can add these options to customise your ZeroBorg for the project you're making:

  • A DCDC regulator to power the Pi as well as the motors,
  • An infrared sensor to control the motors via an infrared remote control,
  • A 9V battery clip to power the Pi and the motors.
  • Additional ZeroBorgs to control more motors.

We also provide the ZeroBorg with all the additional components soldered so you can plug in your robot and go!

See the full selection of ZeroBorgs here

ZeroBorg Specifications

Each ZeroBorg has:

  • 4 full H-Bridges
  • Capability of driving 4 motors or 2 stepper motors
  • 2A peak or 1.5A RMS per bridge
  • An on board fast blow fuse at 5A
  • Designed to run off a 9V power source Max range 2.7V to 10.8V (To power the RPi Zero 7V minimum)
  • 2 analogue inputs, which are great for sensors
  • I2C communication, allowing daisy chaining to other boards
  • Fully soldered and ready to use.

Unlike the ZeroBorg Complete this basic model does not power the Raspberry Pi and does not inlcude an infrared sensor or additional connectors.

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