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ThunderBorg - Dual 5A Motor Controller with DC/DC & RGB LED

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ThunderBorg is a powerful dual motor control board for making awesome robots with your Raspberry Pi. ThunderBorg is designed to handle up to 5A per motor connection, so it's great for bigger-than-your-average-buggy projects and making awesome robots from your Raspberry Pi.

The ThunderBorg is used in our MonsterBorg robot kit.

All ThunderBorg versions include:

  • Control BIG or small motors.
  • On-board 5V regulator powers the Raspberry Pi
  • Runs from any battery pack or power supply from 7V to 35V
  • Proper 5A output per motor connection
  • Speed control forwards and reverse via PWM
  • On-board voltage monitoring for attached batteries
  • Mounts directly onto most Raspberry Pi models
  • Super bright 24 Bit LED capable of over 16 million colours
  • Stackable! Plug in more boards to control up to 200 motors!
  • Controls 2x DC Motors or 4, 5 or 6 wire stepper motors
  • Uses I2C SCK/SDA and 3.3V/GND pins for communications
  • Overheat protection, under voltage lockout, and short circuit protection.

We also have an optional ThunderBoard lid pack which comes with an additional:

  • A second super bright LED which can be independently controlled
  • 9V style connector for either AA battery packs or 9V batteries
  • Convenient power switch to disconnect the batteries
  • Enough room to sit a 10x AA battery pack
  • Pre-soldered directly onto the ThunderBorg by us.

For more information on how to get started making motors move and building robots with your ThunderBorg, check out the links below :)

Click here or on the "Related Articles" tab below for getting started guides, build instructions, code examples and more.

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