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  1. DiddyBorg v2 - The new, more configurable 6 wheel drive robot

  2. YetiBorg v2 - Get started with self driving robots

  3. Three new robots now in stock!

  4. MonsterBorg - The Ultimate Pi robot kit

DiddyBorg V2 Perspex - Purple
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Perspex Chassis plate for the V2 DiddyBorg in Purple. The set includes a top plate and bottom plate in Purple, and a camera mount in Wh..
DiddyBorg V1 Perspex - Red
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Perspex Chassis plate for the original V1 DiddyBorg in Red. The set includes a top plate, bottom plate and camera mount in Red.  ..
Raspberry Pi Zero with ZeroBorg Header
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This is a standard Raspberry Pi Zero board pre-soldered with a 6 Pin Female Header and designed for use with the ZeroBorg Motor Controller. It..
40-Pin Right Angle Male Header
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40-pin male 2.54mm dual row right angle header. They can be useful for connecting our boards to the Raspberry Pi or to cables onto other boards. We..
DiddyBorg v2 Robot Kit - Purple
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Our most popular Raspberry Pi robot kit DiddyBorg is back with faster motors and a newly designed chassis! The idea remains the same, a 6 wheeled h..
MonsterBorg - The Ultimate Raspberry Pi Robot
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Our latest Kickstarter success has finally arrived in our store! The MonsterBorg is a beast of a kit designed to be taken off road or driven autonomou..
YetiBorg v2 - 4WD Robot Kit (Includes Raspberry Pi Zero)
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YetiBorg v2 is a great kit to get started with Raspberry Pi robotics! It's based on the Raspberry Pi Zero, ZeroBorg Motor Controller and..
Formula Pi Entry (Summer 2018)
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Entry to the world's first Raspberry Pi based racing series Formula Pi. Race in the Summer 2018 Series starting in June 2018! Along with yo..