Diablo - Powerful motor control for your robots!

Diablo - the ultimate in motor control

Diablo is the most powerful PiBorg motor control board to date.

It controls two DC motors in forwards and reverse with pulse width modulation (PWM) which is useful for speed control and various stepper and solenoid control applications.

Controlled over I2C, it can interface to 2.5V, 3.3V, and 5V I/O allowing it to interface to the Raspberry Pi, Arduino, RIoT board, Beagle Bone, Microchip pic, and many others.

Raspberry Pi Version Compatible?
Model A YES
Model A+ YES
Model B rev 1 YES
Model B rev 2 YES
Model B+ YES
Raspberry Pi 2 YES

It has a regenerative function, so braking can charge your battery pack, in much the same way a modern F1 or Le Mans Hybrid race car does.

Aimed at commercial and industrial applications up to 40V, current limiting to 55A, makes it powerful enough for even the most ambitious of projects.

Diablo - Powerful motor control for your robots!

Package includes PiBorg Diablo board, EPO jumper, mounting screws, mounting posts and I2C connection cables.


Diablo high-current connector and fuse set

Includes 2x 50A slow blow fuses and 8x Insulated fork crimp connectors for use with Diablo