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For any queries regarding:

  • Installation of boards
  • Software / hardware support
  • Compatibility with other boards / accessories
  • Projects
  • Raspberry Pi or general electronics

please ask us on the forum.

We try to answer forum questions within a day, normally questions are answered in just a few hours.

For order and sales enquires, please use the contact form below.

Missing, Broken or Incorrect Part on Arrival

We're very sorry that a part was missing, damaged or incorrect. Our packers and delivery partners work incredibly hard but, being human, will make the odd mistake! We'll do our best to set it right though, please fill in your details below:

Information Requests & Account Deletion

We only want to store your information if you're happy for us to do so! Please use this contact form if:

You've previously given consent for us to use your information for marketing (including emails), and would like to remove consent.

You've registered an account with us and would like to remove this information from our system.

Would like to know exactly what information we hold for you, and would like to remove or correct this information.

Anything else regarding your data and privacy.

Direct Contact

If you want to talk to us about anything, please fill in your details below:

If you prefer to email, you can do so using our email address, but please note, we may not receive your message due to spam filtration! Please use the contact form if at all possible :)

We aim to reply to all contact enquiries as soon as possible, but if you prefer, you can call our warehouse direct on 0845 094 6156. Please note, due to complicated nature of the items we offer, technical support is not available over the phone!

Cancel Order / Change Address

PLEASE NOTE: We ship all orders extremely fast and may not be able to cancel or otherwise update orders that have already been placed. Sending this email does NOT guarantee that we can update your order. If you are requesting an address update, please ensure that you detail the FULL address in the comment field below.

Return an Item or Order

All items come with a 30 day cool-off period from the arrival of goods in which you can return any unused parts.

If you think an item is faulty, please follow the "Faulty item & technical support" contact request link.

Please fill in your details below:

An Item is Out of Stock

Can I back-order?

We cannot accept back-orders because we cannot always predict how much or when stock will become available. Sorry!

How long will it be before its back in stock?

Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee stock lines at any given date. To receive an e-mail notification as soon as the out-of-stock product becomes available for purchase, simply fill in your email address on the product page and click the Notify Me button.

I have an EU VAT ID! Can I order without VAT?

Yes! Please ensure that you have registered an account. Once completed, please fill in the following form, and we will email you once your account has been validated:

Can I buy via Purchase Order?

Yes! Please ensure that you have registered an account. Once completed, please fill in the following form, and we will email you once your account has been validated:

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Please Note. Purchase Orders can only be placed by Schools, Businesses or Registered Charities.

Wholesale/Bulk Order Queries

Please be aware, all our prices are fabulous, and we run most items with a very tight margin in order to give end-users the best possible pricing. If you think your order deserves special treatment, please fill in the form below, giving as much detail as possible. We are not able to quote bulk pricing on orders of less than 100 units.

Please make sure you've registered an account before contacting us.

You can also upload a .csv of your desired order, or take a screenshot of you basket for quotation (make sure all files are zipped before uploading, even single files):

Billing Questions

  • You can view and edit your billing details from the My Account page.
  • You can view and download invoices for previous orders from the My Account page.
  • We operate a number of security checks on incoming orders. If your order status is "Verification Required", then your payment required further validation. We will email you with a request for further details as soon as we review your order.

If the information you require is not available on the My Account page or you have an unanswered question regarding billing, then please enter your order number and query below.

Website Error / Account Issues

If you would like to report a website issue, please enter a detailed description of the issue below. The more details you provide, the faster we will be able help diagnose and troubleshoot the issue.

Please include a screenshot of the error:

Delivery Questions: Tracking/Not Arrived/Cost

Please note. Tracking codes can take 24 – 48 hours to be processed and delivered to you. We do not ship orders under £25 via a tracked service unless that service is requested at checkout.

Please note. We cannot raise a claim for a lost or delayed item until 10 working days (UK) or 20 working days (International) have passed from the dispatch date of the order. Please check the Delivery Information page for information on what to do in the event of a loss or delayed item claim.

Detailed delivery information is located on the Delivery Information page. Please ensure you have read the Delivery Information page carefully prior to contacting us.

The Delivery Information page includes information regarding:

  • Calculating shipping costs
  • What to do in the event of a loss or delayed item claim
  • What your order status means
  • What  delivery services we offer
  • Information on how long an order may  take to be delivered
  • Information on tracking codes

Found or Created Something Cool You Want to Share?

Tell us about the project you've created or the awesome project you've found! We'll be happy to share it via the PiBorg Twitter or PiBorg Facebook, or if it's really special, post it on the PiBorg blog!

Pre-sales Technical Query

You can now ask pre-sales & technical questions on all our products using the "Product Q & A" tab on the product pages. All technical queries are dealt with by our dedicated team of brainy engineers! Simply post your question and our team will respond!

Faulty Item / Technical Support

We're sorry that you're having trouble with an item you've ordered!

If you're having trouble with a newly purchased Raspberry Pi please ensure you've completed the troubleshooting steps outlined here before contacting us.

Technical support & faulty product assessment/replacement/refunds are offered via our highly experienced engineers through the PiBorg forums.

You will need to register an account for the forums before you can post, which simply requires a username, email and password.

Our engineers will be able to assist you in troubleshooting, and can also arrange replacements or refunds!

Please don't forget to include your order ID, the product code/item name, and the troubleshooting completed in your post!

If you would prefer to have your technical support query dealt with via email, please use the "Direct contact" request, ensuring you include your order ID, the product code/item name, and the troubleshooting completed in your request.

Suggest an Item for us to Stock

If you would like to see an item in the PiBorg store, let us know! Please send suggestions along with a description of the item, and why it would be good to stock!

Become a PiBorg Reseller

Please make sure you've registered an account before contacting us.

Jams & Marketing

Running a Raspberry Pi Jam and looking for some freebies & prizes, or just interested in marketing with PiBorg? Get in touch with our friendly marketing team here!

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