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DiddyBorg v2 - Examples

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DiddyBorg v2 can be built into lots of styles and variations, each with different capabilities. Below are some examples we have come up with to show off what DiddyBorg v2 can do :)
Click on the images to view the examples:

Joystick control

Use a game controller or joystick to drive DiddyBorg v2.
In this example we use a controller or joystick connected to the Raspberry Pi to directly control DiddyBorg v2 for remote control driving.

Web UI

Drive your DiddyBorg v2 from a smart phone or web browser.
With this example see how you can use your DiddyBorg v2 as a spy bot by driving remotely using the camera image.

Ball Following

Play fetch with your DiddyBorg v2.
In this example see how the Pi Camera and OpenCV can be used to make an autonomous robot which follows a red ball.

MeArm Claw

Use a game controller or joystick to drive a DiddyBorg v2 with a MeArm claw.
Here is an example of extending the DiddyBorg v2 to control additional parts using servos, in this case the awesome MeArm robotic arm.

Disco Mode

Add some flair to your DiddyBorg v2 with lights.
See how you can make the RGB LED on the ThunderBorg light up your DiddyBorg v2 in all kinds of different patterns.

Canned Sequence

What if we want to get a DiddyBorg v2 to move in a preset sequence?
This example shows how you can make a complex set of moves by building a sequence of easy to understand commands.
Last update: Aug 02, 2019

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