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DiddyBorg v2 - Overview

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Our most configurable robot yet!

Our most popular Raspberry Pi robot kit DiddyBorg is back with faster standard motors and a newly designed chassis.
The idea remains the same, a 6 wheeled high-torque robotics platform, but give everyone the ability to add lots of extra functionality and get your robot to perform a wide range of tasks. Want to detect objects in your DiddyBorg's path? Add the ultrasonic mounts at the front and back. Need to use a servo to move a robotic arm? Mount them on the multifunction top and go! You could even add the Raspberry Pi touch screen and turn your robot into a touchscreen controlled turtle.


Basic DiddyBorg comes with:

  • Chassis: Laser cut 3mm Cast Acryllic PerspexTM in Purple now designed and cut at PiBorg.
  • Six 1:83 (100rpm) metal gear 12V 400mA PiBorg motors.
  • Our ThunderBorg 5A dual output motor controller including an RGB LED, power regulator and PWM control.
  • On/Off switch.
  • Full build instructions.
  • Code library and example scripts.

We've also redesigned the location of the Raspberry Pi to in between the top and bottom perspex sheets to allow more protection from the elements
There are two additional styles of top available for the DiddyBorg:

  • The Multifunction Top with mounting holes for servos and adaptable mounting points for an additional Raspberry Pi 3, Raspberry Pi Zero or Zero W or the Arduino Uno.
  • The Touch Top which takes the Raspberry Pi touch screen.

Both of these tops can be used in addition to the basic kit in a number of combinations!
Multipurpose top with optional servo, ultrasonic sensors, Arduino and Pi's pictured.

Touch Top with optional Touchscreen, ultrasonics and servos pictured.

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Last update: Jul 25, 2018

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